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Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

From Giving Up to Moving Forward with Courage

When it comes to living fully in life with your passion and your purpose, there is no giving up. You must find ways to keep moving forward with courage.

And, we have all been there. We’ve all had those times when it would be so easy to toss in the towel, when the staircase before you looks too high and too steep to climb. Many have. Many will. The difference between those who will not is they know how to reconnect with their courage of conviction and who go from giving up to moving forward with that courage.

There are two times when this is vital. The times of deep reflection when we need support. And, the times when we are faced ~ in the exact moment ~ with taking action.


To go from giving Up to Moving forward with courage comes when you fully embrace your passion and your purpose on a consistent basis. Those who do not give up create the space to re-ignite their courage. They do so with stress-reduction techniques (ex. yoga), with manifesting activities (ex. Vision boards), with knowing who they are deep down (ex. through journaling) and revisiting this often.
To go from giving Up to Moving forward with courage comes when you fully embrace your passion and… Click To Tweet

Another time when one needs to go from giving up to moving forward with courage is during those difficult daily steps when the pressure of time is upon us to take action.

It’s easy to get caught up and become paralyzed and make choices based upon emotion and anxiousness. This is when we stumble and fall down ~ when those choices are made from this space. and giving up becomes easy. But, when you reconnect with our center, we find we can get up and beginning to start moving forward with courage. This momentum takes you past this moment in time. 

Follow these few 7 steps during those times when you feel like courage has left you:

Breathe ~ take a good belly breathe and get oxygen in and out. This movement will allow other movement to happen.

Look at your options ~ assess the situation and focus on your gut instinct to take the next best step

Decide ~ make a decision. One way or another, it will allow movement.

Be Present ~ Stay focused in the moment. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by anything. Allow your focus to be fully on the next step

Do your best ~ we always do. In any given moment, our best comes forward. Rely on your instinct, heart and soul to guide you as you are taking this step.

Don’t beat yourself up ~ once it’s over. Don’t be judge and jury upon your performance. Use objectivity to evaluate ~later ~ right now the focus becomes the next best step. 

Rinse and repeat  The next step will come right away. Simply start the process over again.

Follow these few 7 steps during those times when you feel like courage has left you and you need to… Click To Tweet

If you reconnect to your purpose and your passion on a continual basis utilizing spiritual tools, you will be able to step back into courage with grace and ease. Knowing what you really want, creating the intention and move forward with clear, consistent and courageous steps is not always easy if you have not embraced these ideals. When you have created the daily habit of living a soul-wise life, it becomes easy to center on your priorities, not get distracted and move forward with grace and ease while manifesting your deepest desires. 

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