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Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

New Moon Reading

Discover What Your Soul Wants You to Know This Summer!

The New Moon is here for May and it’s an exciting one. Traditionally, The New Moon’s Energy amplifies desires to step forward being our best. It is more important than ever to set intentions that are best on your truest desires.

This particular New Moon has many auspicious energies with it.  aIt gives an opportunity to set the intentions to communicate through leadership. It has a steadiness and grounded~ness in it because of it’s surrounded by the number 4. It represents patience and discipline and makes the ability to manifest your intentions easier to achieve. It supports laser focus about your abundance and financial empire and personal power.

It’s an exciting and a great time to creatively set the summer in motion for yourself. A time to step into this place self-discovery and re-charging. They are profoundly uplifting, offer hope and a pathway forward based on your higher self. 

Oracle readings are a great place to step into this place self-discovery and re-charging. They are profoundly uplifting, offer hope and a pathway forward based on your higher self. They are a tool for you to engage your inner GPS for its wisdom and direction and set the intentions that will allow you to breathe easy knowing that you are heading tin the best possible direction for yourself. 

I do not simply pick a card:

Your Spread will be sent to you via a beautiful pdf:

You Sacred Spring 30 min Session:

The New Moon Reading– is a 3 Card Layout…

Where you are Now, the forces that have been in play to bring you to this point and what to release, and what best to focus upon for the Summer.

Do you need help accomplishing one important objective ~ a specific task or direction to take? This will give you insight into what these three areas: your head, heart & spirit are trying to say to you and how you can follow their advice and support in achieving the goals you are striving toward!

A Reading without the 1:1 session with me would be well more than double this! 

This Spring, A Lucky 4 people can have it for $96.00!!!


I will be using several different card decks for these readings guided by the New Moon Energy.  They will vary from Doreen Virtue to Denise Linn and others. My favorite ones are Soul Coaching & Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn are used. I’ve used them personally and professionally since they were first on the market.

In fact, I was so honored to be the first person to physically hold the first set of Gateway Dreaming cards ‘hot off the presses’ in Denise’s home at Summer Hill Ranch!

The decks are not made of swords or a sense of darkness that many decks have and the images in this deck are powerfully uplifting and supportive. The readings tell you what you need to heal, how to move forward and they have profoundly influenced my clients on their paths to healing and joyful living.