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Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

Empowering Enlightenment

~ Sizzle with Summer ~


Are you finally ready to hear your intuition?

Do you want to  Embrace Your Self with clarity and quiet down your inner chatter so you stop second guessing your decisions?

Are you Struggling to hear THE daily guidance we all receive?


Sometimes what we need is the insight of a trained soul coach and mentor
to unlock the door to that fabulous road ahead

I know so many entrepreneurs and professionals who are currently struggling. They are trying to balance logic versus intuition. Listening to their soul’s desires but battered by their ego… they often feel stuck and trapped and long for the support and helping hand of someone who has learned to tune into their own souls desires and is willing to share their tools and insights with them.  In an attempt to help people gain the clarity and next steps their soul is calling for i have decided to do something special…

I typically only offer 6 month coaching packages because my clients gain greater relief with consistent support and continual commitment. This summer, I will be offering a series of 3 sessions. 

These 75 Minute sessions are only available to those who are ready to allow their inner soul to navigate them to:

How does this Session work?

During your session, You will receive:

Afterward, you will receive:

This package, scheduled between now and September 1st, are offered at the no-nonsense, ‘of course I am “in”, “how could I possibly NOT do this’,  Rate of $397.00.

My schedule allows for only 7 people to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to Sizzle With Summer!


What others are saying about working with Laura:

Sue.rickenbacher“I was lucky enough to have Laura lead me. I was comfortable working with her immediately. Through her powerful techniques, I was able to move from a place of fear into a positive, enhancing time. Her messages really resonated with me in my day to day life.” Sue Rickenbacher, Translator, Chicago, Ill.

michelle.elder“I’ve been so fortunate to have been able to work with Laura. I knew at once that I was going to have some amazing results surrounded by her love and enlightened wisdom. She brings forth her wealth of knowledge in the most practical and kindhearted way.” Michelle Elder, Soul Coach,  RN, BSN, Portland, Oregon

Your session will give you the results that will spearhead you forward! After your session you will:

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Once you have taken the decisive action of signing up for this session, your results will  already be on the way to you! That’s how the Universe works you know.  I’m so excited that you are Ready to Empower Yourself with your own Intuition!

Laura ~ Your Soul-Wise Living Mentor

If you are not ready to take action yet, I get it but I will ask you this “Why put off amazing results? Why not learn how to access answers for yourself anytime, anywhere to propel you forward?”  Look around my site , grab my FREE Soul Wise Compass and see for yourself what I have to offer than come back here and register!