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Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

How to Find Joy

Joy.  Joy. Such a ‘simple’ concept. Laugh and Love, right? But, How to Find Joy in a world that can be so hard and have so many twists and turns that require strength and courage. You find Joy by Cultivating it.   [Tweet “My book ‘Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: #CultivatingJOY’ is here… Grab your […]

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What is Empowered Enlightenment

Remember the first morning of summer vacation and that feeling of a clean slate filled with fun and sun ahead of you? Remember that feeling on that first summer’s day of running through the dunes to greet the ocean and all the joy it brought? Remember the curiosity with which you met life and the […]

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How to Find More Joy~ 5 Fun Ways for 2015

Joy. We all want to find more of it! And, the New Year is a great time to begin this. This is not about setting New Year’s Resolutions. It’s about uplifting our energies so that we can embrace all that is possible for a year of greater abundance and joy than ever before. The ability […]

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Soothe your Emotions with Water & Re-align Your Intuition

Emotions. They are a part of our human experience no doubt. They do not need to define who we are. Indeed, we are spiritual beings with innate wisdom and intuition to guide and serve us. When we act upon our emotions and not this wisdom, we often delay joy & abundance. It’s easy to sooth […]

Category: ~Clarity, Conscious Living through the 4 elements ~air, water, fire, earth
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7 Quick Ways to Cleanse the Energy in Your Space

If you want the energy to support you in your home or office, it’s important to keep it clean and clutter free. It’s important to cleanse it’s energy. It’s important to keep your space feeling safe, peaceful and one that nurtures all of you. The best way to create this energy that keeps life joyful […]

Category: Feng Shui & Space Clearing
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How To Elevate Your Spirit Using Feng Shui

Your Home. Your Office. They mirror who you are as a person. And, when you are searching for self care to elevate your spirit, You can turn to Feng Shui. This ancient art of placement allows energy to flow. When Energy Flows, Intention in your life gets stimulated. So, if your intention is to elevate […]

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Clear the Clutter to Create More Joy

Clutter. It clogs the flow of energy in a home. When the flow of energy in a home is clogged, Joy is stinted. Don’t let inner harmony get stinted. De-Clutter! Spring cleaning time is here and after the winter we had here in the US, I’ve heard so many people actually get excited about this […]

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Reading for Self-Development

Self-Development is all about taking the time to work on the pieces of you that you need. It is not a one and done process. There is no easy fix to challenges. Yes, you can get a breakthrough and move ahead. Yes, you can get great Ahha’s. however, it’s in the day to day process of […]

Category: ~Clarity, Personal Empowerment
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How to focus & listen to your intuition

Is your intuition talking to you? Yes, Your’s! Everyone has it. It has several names: intuition, inner-guidance, gut-instinct, hunches etc. The difference between people who are ‘intuitive’ and those who are not is simple. Those who are intuitive have learned how to listen to their’s. It’s a teachable skill and as with all skills, some […]

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J is for Joy

The Soul-Wise Living Alphabet Inspired April 2013 The Soul-Wise Living Alphabet is launched to Awaken Your Spirit & empower your thinking. Words are Energy! They can lift us up and they can just as easily bring us down. Spirit driven words will raise your vibration UP. By finding the meaning these words have in your life and […]

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