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Soul-Wise Living
Soul-Wise Living

How to Master Uncertainty

Life certainly gives us curve balls. Uncertainty surrounds us each and every day and many people focus on them. What they do not appreciate is that there are signs of certainty surrounding us just as much if not more but they never see them let alone look for them. To master uncertainty, you must look […]

Category: ~Clarity, Conscious Living through the 4 elements ~air, water, fire, earth, Personal Empowerment
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The Magic of Double Rainbows & Their Meanings

I had the most amazing experience last week that I was not looking forward too. It takes slowing down to appreciate. I was NOT supposed to have to drive into the office ~ it was a work at home day. My office is an hour away from home and when I found out in the […]

Category: ~How To Get Clear, Personal Empowerment, The Signs Life Gives You
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